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Zorina is a skilled and inspired leader of TaKeTiNa. Like those of other leaders, her workshops leave me feeling blissed out and groovy. What sets her apart is her ability to invite transformation in workshop participants. I finish her workshops with feelings of joy and transcendence, but also with an acute awareness of my patterns in life—both adaptive and less adaptive, attractive and less attractive. I can honestly say that being in Zorina’s TaKeTiNa circles has changed me on a deep level. I am grateful and humbled by the changes I see in myself, and I would recommend Zorina without reservation to anyone seeking joy and transformation in their life. 

Pam Schraedley Desmond, Ph.D. Psychology, Stanford University

TaKeTiNa is a life-altering experience. I went into it because I was interested in rhythm and came out of it knowing more about myself beyond my musicality. Thanks to Zorina Wolf for bringing this marvelous practice to the Bay Area and making sure that she or one of her acolytes is having a workshop all year round. There is always something happening around town, it seems, if you want a little peek into rhythm or your own psyche.

Melanie Spiller Medieval Musician and Writing Mentor

You never know what you'll find in this intriguing new method of rhythm immersion. You can start with zero skills or have a mature talent in music/rhythm, either way, you'll be surprised at what is revealed to you. While challenging in many aspects, at the same time, I find myself taken to new depths of meditative calm, grounded by the deep beat of the surdo drum. We are very lucky to have one of the few advanced TaKeTiNa teachers teaching here in the Bay Area.

Janice Burton

I found the TaKeTiNa to be a very interesting experience in which a very new phenomenon or state was created both at the individual level and at the level of the group. The participants found that creating and finding rhythm was a way in which they could enter a mind space that was quite unlike that you would reside in normally. I find the technique quite unique in the way it encouraged an open risk-taking attitude. I feel it might have value in exploring various modalities that affect creativity and an altered state of mind.

Banny Banergee

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Departmant, Stanford

Zorina was my first drum teacher, and I feel incredibly blessed to have been one of her students. She has been an extraordinary guide for me in my rediscovery of rhythm and music, and through her teaching, I have found a new way of learning. In her classes, Zorina walks the line between active teaching and letting-happen. She will work directly with a student on technique, or to correct a rhythmic pattern, but also knows when to be silent and let the drums speak. From Zorina, I learned one way of making music with a beautiful instrument. But more than that, with Zorina’s guidance, I found openness, relaxation, confidence, beauty, and spirit inside me.

Pam Schraedly Desmond, Ph. D.

Psychology, Stanford University

Laurie Precht

Carroll Rhythms

I have had many drum teachers over the past fifteen years and I can honestly say that Zorina is one of the best. Her teaching style is focused and accurate, yet her demeanor is welcoming and encouraging. Within the first five minutes of her workshop, I let go of my inhibitions because I knew I could trust her intent and her knowledge to take the class to a deeper understanding of how our bodies respond to rhythm. I recommend Zorina’s teachings to any musician who wants to feel more comfortable with rhythm.

I am a teacher of world history, African history, and European history at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, California. For the past three years, Zorina Wolf has come to my African Studies class and given a lesson in West African drumming. It’s always the highlight of the class. Girls who enroll in the class ask if she's coming; girls who have finished the class thank me for providing the experience. I highly recommend Zorina Wolf and am happy to be used as a reference for her.

Peggy McKee

Castilleja School Palo Alto, California

Zorina is a fantastic drumming teacher. Her patience, energy, sense of humor, knowledge of rhythm and group facilitation skills creates an ideal atmosphere for learning how to drum, and having fun in the process. After 5 years as one of her students, I'm still learning and laughing in class. I recommend her highly.

Barbara Kirsch

Psychologist and Therapist

Village Heartbeat was the first drum class I've ever taken and it changed my world! Actually, I was so intimidated about doing a class with others since I had never touched a drum before, that I took some private lessons first. Zorina was a fabulous teacher - she had a clear teaching path, was very articulate, personable, stimulating, engaging, and patient all at the same time. She was very effective in getting me to let go of my inhibitions, and very effective in her use of time - I felt like I got so much out of just a few sessions. She finally got me to her beginner and then intermediate classes and I was surprised at how much more I could learn in a group drumming with others - and what an amazing energy that environment creates. I recommend her as a teacher and/or drum class/drum circle leader to anyone who is getting started in the drumming world!

Karen Chakmakian, MBA,

President, Chakamakian Consulting

Patter Hatfield, Reiki Master

Rhythm Facilitator

Zorina has touched so many lives with her blessings in the art of drumming for peace, self and for the sheer pleasure a weaving rhythms together. She has found a true path in helping people learn to get-along with self and dance and clap to layers of time with TaKeTiNa. We are so blessed to have her here in the Bay Area as she is going global. Thanks.

Arthur Hull

Arthur Hull, Owner / Facilitator of Village Music Circles

I have had the privilege of watching Zorina Wolf follow her rhythmical bliss through the stages of a drum enthusiast, hand drum teacher, dance and drum ensemble director, community builder, TaKeTiNa facilitator, to become the nationally recognized rhythm evangelist and elder that she is today in our growing recreational drumming community. Yet she still retains that fresh spark of innocent rhythm bliss and elfishness that emanates from the resonance in her laugh and the twinkle in her eye. She is a master of sharing rhythmical spirit.

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