Whole Person Drumming:
Your Journey into Rhythm

Drumming is about sound. And it is also about silence. In Whole Person Drumming, Zorina Wolf shares her passion for drumming and the heartful community it can create.

About the Book

With plenty of stories from her own journey as student and teacher, Zorina offers exercises for all learning styles, with accompanying videos. (WholePersonDrummmingBook.com) Wolf studied for fourteen years with Babatunde Olatunji, the great Nigerian drummer, and has taught drumming for more than twenty-five years. In her own accessible, personal style she teaches basic techniques: the drum’s language of bass, tone, and slap; how to build stamina; how to find the rhythm in your body through stepping or speaking rhythm syllables.

Here you will learn how to hear the silence between the beats, how to turn rhythm into meditation as you practice samba, conga, kpanlogo, and more.

Amazon Reviews

Following the beat of my own drum


This is a great book for a beginner drummer like me. The author admits to being a slow learner herself and therefore she really knows how to teach what she has painstakingly learned over the years. She has peaked my interest in understanding rhythm and feeling it in my entire body. I’m not just learning how to beat a drum, I’m learning how to get in touch with deeper aspects of myself which I didn’t know existed.

I love the conversational way she writes


This book is an inspiration on so many levels. Zorina’s teachings are woven together with the stories of her own joyous (and sometimes painful) journey from student to teacher in a highly entertaining and informative way. I love the conversational way she writes, as if you are sitting at her kitchen table over a cup of tea. Zorina is as gifted a storyteller as she is a teacher. I recommend this book to anyone, whether you are a drummer or not, as a wonderfully engaging read.

A journey into rhythm for all.


This is a “must read” for anyone regardless of their level of experience. Zorina takes you on a journey into the world of drumming in a manner that is very easy to understand. Her teaching skills are exceptional. The storytelling is mesmerizing and reflective of her real life experiences. I am a personal witness to the healing abilities of the drum under her teachings.