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Welcome to Whole Person Drumming-- Your Journey into Rhythm 

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To My Students and Readers:
This book has been thought of, dreamed about, agonized about, forgotten about, and it is!

I am a fortunate person.
I followed my heart and twenty-five years ago it led me to drumming and rhythm.
As I get older, group percussion is still the most bang for my buck.
Drumming and rhythm have brought me together with people of all ages, backgrounds, and points of view in a heartfelt way.
When we play and listen to one another we are equally important, necessary, and safe with each other.
I get to see a village heartbeat evolve in class after class, year after year, and it is still major magic. I wrote this book for anyone who wants to learn in my style, or anyone who wants to teach in my style, lots or a little.

May this information serve you in learning about yourself, your music and your passion.

For more information about my book, the free videos and where to purchase, click here!

and Love,