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TaKeTiNa Drumming Class
Zorina leading TaKeTiNa circle at Seattle World Rhythm Festival

TaKeTiNa Drumming Class
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TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process 

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Meditations--Journeys into Wholeness

TaKeTiNa (founded by Reinhard Flatischler) and Rhythm Meditations, led by Village Heartbeat® founder Zorina Wolf, are an informal and enjoyable way to learn the basic concepts of finding rhythm in the body. These sessions are open to the public.

Each time we meet we discover another aspect of allowing the body to become the primary rhythmic instrument.
As the group configures differently, the “rhythm meditations” emerge organically from the collective itself. 

What Is TaKeTiNa?

TaKeTiNa is a group process that allows anyone to access his or her body’s innate rhythmic knowledge. Instead of being taught random rhythm patterns, participants are guided into the experience of rhythm archetypes—the underlying structure of all forms of music conveyed in a natural, organic manner.

Through TaKeTiNa, the student gains direct access to the rhythmic worlds of Africa, Asia, and Latin America which, in turn, leads to increased competence and creativity in the related rhythms of classical music, jazz, and hip hop.

Experience has shown that profound rhythmic orientation can be achieved more easily by using the body itself as the main instrument. In this way, TaKeTiNa participants can encounter rhythm directly and intensely. Through vocalization, clapping, and stepping, they are guided into three separate rhythmic layers.

Learning rhythm and music with the TaKeTiNa process always means learning about life, too. Everything that hinders our life is reflected during the process as “rhythmic disability” and can be transformed by the rhythmic evolution that unfolds in TaKeTiNa. The mind becomes silent and one’s core being is allowed to surface.

TaKeTiNa Workshops with Zorina in 2013

Present Time Rhythm

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Workshops Zorina Wolf and other TaKeTiNa teachers

  • Dallas, TX, Portland, OR, SF Bay Area, CA, Olympia, WA, Salt Lake City, UT, Raleigh, NC, and Los Angeles, CA

Friday evening, Saturday and/or Sunday

Rhythm is an on-going, neutral phenomenon in our world.

Whether we are paying attention to each moment or letting time flow by, there is consistency – sixty seconds in a minute,
sixty minutes in an hour, twenty-four hours in each day.

We live within the fabric of rhythm that guides us deeply and seamlessly in the present moment.
In our personal life we might not even see this until we turn our attention toward it.
Listening to our heartbeat, feeling our breath, hearing the patterns of our speech, brings us closer and closer
to the rhythmic background sustaining our daily lives.

In the TaKeTiNa rhythm circle we consciously connect to everyday rhythm.

We stand together in a circle speaking rhythmic syllables. These audible words guide us into simple steps and over time,
more complex patterns in hand claps. As the rhythm continues to move us, we find a new way to enter the feeling of space and time, event adn interval.

Suddenly, we are an intrinsic part of something bigger than ourselves.

We are part of the creation of rhythm and at the same time carried by it.