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Men Drumming
Zorina teaches corporate class

Men Drumming
Students at yearly recital, June 08

Men Drumming
New rhythm studio in Sequim, WA

Men Drumming
Women drum class members

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Welcome, drummer, to the Village Heartbeat® website!

Here the latest You Tube video--- for your watching pleasure with Christine Stevens of UpBeat Drum Circles and Mary Tolena of Easier Teamwork!
Baba Olatunji said: “Rhythm is the soul of life. Everything and everyone vibrates and is alive with rhythm.”

Here is another audio sample of an interview with Zorina~

How Do You Teach Drumming?  (audio interview)

We offer different ways to find your path into rhythm...

VHB Whole Person Drumming® Classes

Zorina Wolf's drumming classes are designed to allow anyone to learn the basics of drumming in an hour and a half, regardless of previous musical experience. Classes won’t make a virtuoso out of you—that requires a lot of dedication and practice. But they will allow you to be enchanted by the magic of drum orchestration (when two or more drums and percussion instruments are in dialogue with one another). Classes enable you to understand how these rhythmic parts fit together…and how they open the door to groove!

Let us come to your community... in person or in your own personal webinar!

Introduction to the Basics of Drumming

Introduction to Baba Olatunji’s rhythms
Basic technique: Bass tone, and slap
How to sing and play the drum—opening to the mystery

Whole Person Drumming® offers you basic technique, rhythms, and songs to begin (or continue) your enjoyment of playing the drum. You can take this class as many times as you wish.
There is no end to the art of beginning.
We will focus on:

  • Listening—how we sound and how the group sounds.
  • Free attention- singing and drumming simultaneously
  • The rhythmic body – how to enhance our connection to rhythm
  • The healing power of rhythm and drumming

The Mystery of 6/8

Basic 6/8 patterns
Bell patterns and their relationship to the drum
Understanding the feel of 3 and 2 in the body

Intermediate Class

Learning drum orchestration--building a repertoire
We will focus on:

  • Technique exercises for clearer, faster playing.
  • Complex rhythmic patterns
  • Body rhythms and rhythmic meditations
  • Deconstructing the 6/8 clave.
If you are unsure whether this class is appropriate for you, please ask Zorina.


Intensive Series

3 hour classes for stamina building
Learning more complex rhythms
Learning with different kinds of drums and different technique styles

NOTE: These series can be taken sequentially or in any order – we always go back to the basics in the first classes of a series.

Drumming Classes for Groups and Organizations

Village Heartbeat rhythm workshops can be customized to meet the needs of any organization, to foster team building, creative play, and emotional intelligence in the workplace.
Contact VHB to explore options for groups of all sizes in a variety of formats.
We can come to you in person OR over the web.