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Video: Drumming and You

The interviewee is Zorina Wolf,
the heart of Village Heartbeat.

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Apr 8 - May 20, 2014 Click for Details About This Event
Tuesday Afternoon Intermediate Drum
Spring into Drumming
Sequim, WA

Apr 8 - May 20, 2014 Click for Details About This Event
Tuesday Morning Continuing Drum
Spring into Rhythm
Sequim, WA

Jul 28 - Aug 2, 2014 Click for Details About This Event
Rhythm Boot Camp-Drum, Dance and Groove
Take Time to Immerse Yourself in Rhythm
Sequim, WA, 98382

Whole Person DrummingVHB Drumming

Village Heartbeat offers a range of courses and workshops in the U.S. that take drumming and rhythmic training into new evolutionary territory that is as much about personal growth as it is about musical education.
Read the latest article about Whole Person Drumming® in Conscious Dancer Magazine!

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Dallas, TX, Raleigh, NC, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, SF Bay Area, CA, and Salt Lake City, UT
with  Zorina Wolf
and other TaKeTiNa teachers
One, two or three-day TaKeTiNa workshops

Present Time Rhythm

Rhythm is an on-going, neutral phenomenon in our world. Whether we are paying attention to each moment or letting time flow by, there is consistency – sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour, twenty-four hours in each day.

We live within the fabric of rhythm that guides us deeply and seamlessly in the present moment. In our personal life we might not even see this until we turn our attention toward it. Listening to our heartbeat, feeling our breath, hearing the patterns of our speech, brings us closer and closer to the rhythmic background sustaining our daily lives.

In the TaKeTiNa rhythm circle we consciously connect to everyday rhythm.

We stand together in a circle speaking rhythmic syllables. These audible words guide us into simple steps and over time, more complex patterns in hand claps. As the rhythm continues to move us we find a new way to enter the flow of space and time.

Suddenly, we are an intrinsic part of something bigger than ourselves. We are part of the creation of rhythm and at the same time carried by it.

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Zorina Wolf on TaKeTiNa (click to listen)
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About TaKeTiNa

Developed in the early 1970’s by Austrian composer and percussionist Reinhard Flatischler, and co-developed by Cornelia Flatischler, TaKeTiNa is a musical group process that allows people to access their innate ability to express and embody rhythm, whether they are complete beginners or musically accomplished.