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Video: Drumming and You

The interviewee is Zorina Wolf,
the heart of Village Heartbeat.

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Whole Person DrummingVHB Drumming

Village Heartbeat offers a range of courses and workshops nationally and internationally.
The Whole Person Drumming® curriculum takes drumming and rhythmic training into evolutionary territory that is as much about personal growth as it is about musical education.

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Healing Rhythms Intensives

 Learn how the drum can help you to come into the present with your body, mind and spirit. 
For those of us recovering from illness, grief, and in need of being in touch with our hearts.


July 20-25, 2015

A five-day intensive taught by Zorina Wolf
at the Village Heartbeat Studio in Sequim, WA

Rhythm Boot Camp will include:

  • Warm-up exercises, techniques, and stamina drumming
  • Polyrhythmic play in the body and on the drum
  • Drumming with intention and focus
  • Whole Person Drumming® curriculum rhythms and songs with notation
  • Leadership development
  • Drum sangha...​ and more

We spend five days in rhythm in a secluded setting to give you the time  to deeply connect to your instrument...YOU!
Drums are available if you do not want to bring your own.
Registration is necessary in order to ensure your space.
call for information at 650-743-6252

See the Drumming Classes and Calendar sections for details on current course offerings and registration.

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process graphic
TaKeTiNa Logo New dates coming soon! 
Although life is change, we find, at times, security in the patterns of our lives. There is comfort in predictability: our schedules, work, and relationships. We expect that the sun rises everyday, and that our hearts will continue to beat. We feel secure in this sameness, the ordinary life.

When something unexpected happens, the breath is knocked out of us. We are at a standstill--vulnerable. We try to find the ground beneath our feet. Even if it doesn’t happen immediately, gradually, we find a way again to reconnect to the comforting patterns in our lives.

The TaKeTiNa rhythm circle is an opportunity to practice encountering fluctuation and gaining flexibility with the unpredictableness in life.

How does this happen?

In a TaKeTiNa circle we build a structure in rhythm--  first vocalizing a repetitive vocal mantra. These rhythmic syllables guides us into simple step patterns. Gradually we add complexity by handclaps, some which are not on footsteps. Over time we begin to sing call-and-response melodies that ground us. Moving and singing rhythms, we begin to feel connected to a groove.

At a certain point in the journey, the leader intentionally introduces a new way of sensing this rhythm. Suddenly, we are no longer singing in a place that we recognize.  This shift wakes us up, disarms us and brings us into a direct experience with life as it is.

As the momentary confusion passes, we find our way back to  “home base” in the music. We learn to accept the unexpected. Surprises become an opportunity to relax and laugh in the midst of uncertainty. Being flexible in rhythm encourages us to have greater creativity with our changing lives.

 See the TaKeTiNa section for complete information.

Zorina Wolf on TaKeTiNa (click to listen)
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About TaKeTiNa

Developed in the early 1970’s by Austrian composer and percussionist Reinhard Flatischler, and co-developed by Cornelia Flatischler, TaKeTiNa is a musical group process that allows people to access their innate ability to express and embody rhythm, whether they are complete beginners or musically accomplished.